Hand Crafts and Stress Relief


Many people find it hard to keep their hands still in stressful times and taking up a needle and thread, or sitting down at their sewing machine helps them cope. Sewing keeps the hands busy and lets you think at the same time. It is the best form of “self-therapy” there is for men or women. Yes, men can learn to sew as well as women, in our modern world it is no longer thought of as a “females only” pastime. Learning domestic skills is not gender specific. Modern men aren’t afraid to admit not only do they sew, they took classes so they could learn to do it like a pro.


Stay In Style and Never Pay Retail Prices Again


Learning to sew is like getting a huge raise in your clothing budget. When you consider that a popular shirt going for $ 45 retail would only cost about a 4th of that to make on your own, buying a sewing machine for beginners is starting to make a lot sense. Thrift stores and yard sales are treasure troves full of vintage clothing anyone with a sewing machine or needle and thread can be remodel to suit themselves.


The Charm of Homemade Gifts


Anyone with a computer and valid credit card can purchase whatever gift they need online and that’s fine but if you really want to impress someone, nothing tops hand-made. When you make a gift for a specific person with your own hands it shows them and the world how much you value them. Purses, pillows, or kitchen towels for the holidays, personalizing a gift makes it special in a way mass-produced items will never be.


“Do It Yourself” Satisfaction


Being able to make your own small garment repairs like replacing a button, sewing up a burst seam or fixing a loose hem gives your independence a great boost. Even if you have never had to do any of them, knowing you can if you need to is a very satisfying feeling. Ever been on the go, only brought one clean shirt and lost a button just before that important meeting? That is when one truly appreciates the value of DIY sewing.


Sewing – A Environmentally Friendly Occupation


Rebuilding old clothes can be a sensible way to have a lot of fun but another, perhaps better reason for learning to sew is keeping things out of the landfill. Instead of throwing ragged clothes away, turn them into pillows, quilts or furniture covers and use them for many more years. Recycling is the socially accepted and expected thing to do these days, and cloth is one item that you can turn into something new yourself.