If you have decided to lose weight and are currently trying to choose between a keto vs Atkins diet, here are a few differences to each weight loss program that may help you decide.


Similarities of both programs — Before you look at the differences between a keto and Atkins diet, you should also understand the similarities.

Both are low-carb diets that are also calorie-restrictive. Both require you to eliminate certain foods from your diet, and both do not allow more than 25 grams of carbs per diet. The Atkins diet increases that amount, however, the longer you remain on it.

Being on either a keto or an Atkins diet will usually result in substantial weight loss, as long as you stick strictly to their requirements.


The differences between keto and Atkins diets — The Atkins diet allows a higher percentage of carboyhdrates over time than does a keto diet. For people that love their bread, potatoes and pasta, this can be the preferable diet as those on a keto diet often report feeling carbohydrate starved.

A keto diet also stays at fewer than 25 grams of carbohydrates allowed throughout the entire time you are on the diet.

If you are on an Atkins diet, however, you will start at a limit of just 25 grams but, by the time you are in the fourth stage of the program and in ‘weight maintenance’, that limit will have been bumped up to 100 grams.

This is due to the keto diet demanding your body be constantly in ketosis. The Atkins program, on the other hand, believes this is not only unsustainable for most people long-term but, in some cases, can be unhealthy.

The Atkins diet also allows you to eat many more fruits, vegetables and grains. This can make the diet more varied in food choices than the keto diet, as well as make it easier to get the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy.

If you consider your appetite while on a diet program, however, the keto diet seems to do a better job at keeping that in check. That can mean it is easier to stick to the diet as your hunger levels will be less, even if the food you are eating is not as appetizing.


Should you try keto or an Atkins diet? — Nobody can tell you what diet would be the best choice for you as everyone reacts differently to different diets. The best way to make a decision is to talk to your doctor and find out what diet he recommends out of the two.

Remember too, you can always start on one diet and then switch to the other as you see how your body reacts. Here is a great video that we found on youtube that gives you the top 10 foods you could include in your keto diet: