Asbestos was once a common substance in the home but its presence now in homes is cause for concern and is now being removed from homes as quickly as possible. Having asbestos removed from your home is essential once it is detected and understanding how it is found and removed from the home is important.

The Problem with Asbestos

Asbestos was a common substance in the home and was used for insulation. During the time that it’s use was in vogue, asbestos was considered to be a high quality insulation that was long lasting, very efficient to use as it lowered your heating and cooling costs as an effective insulation, and did not cost homeowners a lot of money. However, over time, it was determined that asbestos has micro particles that, when inhaled, can cause serious damage to your lungs as a carcinogen. For this reason, when asbestos particles are released into the air, they pose a significant risk to anybody in the home. Removing asbestos from any home it is present in is essential.

When to Have an Asbestos Inspection Done

An asbestos inspection should be done if you suspect that there is asbestos in your home (followed by hiring a company such as asbestos removal Sydney to have it removed). Different areas banned the substance at various points and it is important to understand when the substance was banned in your neighborhood to see if your home is at risk for the substance. Add a ten year limit on the substance and consider having your home inspected if it was built before asbestos was banned. If you are buying a home that was constructed when asbestos use was common, then have an inspection done before you buy it. Ask them for an inspection certificate and a clean bill of health. If it is not available require that one is done beforehand. Further, if you are having work done on your home where the walls and drywall will be removed then it is a good idea to have your home inspected for asbestos as it is easy to do so when your walls are exposed and it is easy to look at your insulation without issue.

Having an Asbestos Inspection Done

Asbestos inspections are best done by professionals who have experience in doing asbestos removals and have the right equipment to do so. When asbestos is removed it is often kicked up in the air and having the right equipment to protect your lungs from the potential damage that it does. When an asbestos inspection is done there are chemical detectors which can identify asbestos behind the walls. In addition to using these devices, which can have their limitations, an asbestos inspection will involve inspecting behind the walls and in spaces like attics and crawl ways and making sure that they are clear of asbestos. Many asbestos inspections will also involve using drills to drill small holes in the walls of the drywall and small cameras to inspect behind the wall. If it is detected, asbestos is immediately removed and the home is declared safe and asbestos free.