Brushing teeth is one of the best ways recommended to demonstrate oral hygiene and improve the oral health. For many years, human beings have been using various brands of toothbrushes to cleanse their mouth. With the advancement of technology, electric toothbrushes have been invented, and nowadays, some people are using them to clean their teeth and mouth generally. The question that you might ask yourself is which toothbrush is the best, the regular one or the electric one. In this article, we are going to look at variations of using either of the two toothbrushes.


Effectiveness At Removing Plaque

An electric toothbrush is more effective in removing plaque as compared to a regular toothbrush according to the teeth experts at haburashi. This is because the electric toothbrush has some bristles that vibrate to facilitate micro-movements when you brush your teeth. The normal toothbrush can also help in preventing plaque build-up, but it depends on how you use the brush. Brushes that are oscillating have been confirmed to work better in preventing plaque build-up and development of gingivitis as compared to non-vibrating brushes.


Easiness of Usage

When brushing your teeth using the standard toothbrush, you always have to put your hand into activity for you to clean your teeth thoroughly. Otherwise, if you get an injury on your arm that will render its mobility, then it becomes difficult to brush your teeth using the normal toothbrush. An electric toothbrush does not need you to input strength in your arm for you to brush your teeth properly. People who have limited mobility, such as those with developmental disabilities, arthritis, and carpal tunnel, will comfortably and effectively clean your house when they use an electric toothbrush.

Safety of Gums

The main aim of brushing our teeth, as stated earlier, is to promote the general oral health. Among the problems that people experience when brushing their teeth using the regular toothbrushes is bleeding of gums. Gums are always soft and tender, especially those of children. If you want to improve the safety of your gums and those of your younger ones, then an electric toothbrush is the perfect option. It is because the toothbrush is tender on gums, and for those who are using some orthodontic appliances, they will also enjoy an electric toothbrush. They will not need to remove their appliances, such as their temporary dentures and braces.



Both the regular and electric toothbrushes are effective in promoting the excellent oral health of yourself and your families. Before opting to use either of them, you should put into consideration the factors that have been described before. Cost or expense is also a factor that you can consider though it is not necessary. All in all, electric toothbrushes are the best options.