Nexium, A Common Treatment for Heartburn – but..

Approved by the FDA in 2001, Nexium is prescribed for treatment of heartburn, acid reflux, and GERD. It relieves that burning sensation in the throat, esophagus and stomach by blocking acid which can be caused by caffeine, fruits and vegetables that are high in citric acid, spicy foods or smoking. Nexium is known as a [...]

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Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide: Let’s talk about getting ready for summer!

For many people, weight loss is an extremely difficult journey. It isn't easy finding the time, motivation, and money to workout and eat healthy. Typically, those who fail to lose weight do so because they didn't have a plan in place. Saying "I want to lose weight," is far too vague of a statement. You [...]

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Why Seeing a Gastroenterologist is a Good Idea for Chronic Digestive Issues

According to the American Nutrition Association, over 74 percent of people every day suffer from some form of digestive upset or problem. These problems include heartburn, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, stomach pain, and diarrhea. If you suffer from any of these problems on a consistent basis, visiting a Gastroenterologist might be a solution [...]

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Lose Weight With PhenQ

What Is PhenQ? For those who need a little extra help losing those unwanted pounds, PhenQ is a pharmaceutical grade weight loss supplement. Manufactured by ERGO Group Limited, it helps to elevate your mood and energy, burn fat as well as suppress production of fat, and suppress appetite. Users will have more energy to exercise, [...]

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The Best Ear Protection At Gun Ranges

Thousands of gun enthusiast visit a gun range every year, looking to improve their shooting skills and have fun participating in a hobby they love. Unfortunately, attending a gun range can have serious consequences on a users ears if they do not have the proper protection. There are several options available for ear protection at [...]

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